• Ashlyn says

      Hey you caught my eye! I can totally relate, i have 2050 things for sims4 and 8132 for sims3 with all my stuffs and expansions :). It’s so cool how you can make the game so realistic now.

        • Regina says

          Tip: Houses tend to take up the most CC space, so what I do is create a sub folder in my mods folder called “[] (House name)” using the brackets for easy access and drag all of my mods into that folder, so when I don’t want to use the house anymore I just delete the folder which clears 200+ mods out of the way :)

    • Lexiesimssss says

      Yeah some people would be like OML but i have 5670 for sims 4 and 2400 for sims 3 and once it is in my game i don’t even feel like there is heaps in there XD

        • claire says

          I can help.
          1. Click the download button on the thing you want.
          2. A little tab with pop up at the bottom left corner of your screen.
          3. click the little arrow on the top right, then click “show in folder”.
          4. Right click the blue highlighted link, then click cut.
          5. Go to Documents, and find Electronic Arts.
          6. Inisde of that folder will be the Sims 4.
          7. Once you’ve clicked on the Sims 4 folder, look for another folder named “Mods”.
          8. Inside of the “Mods” folder, you’ll find another named packages.
          9. Click an area in the folder, and paste.
          10. It should be in your game. :)

  1. tenea gray says

    you on youtube checking for good sims 4 cc websites yours have to be the best so far. keep up the good work


    • Admin says

      If you haven’t specified a custom Download folder, the files you’ve downloaded are automatically saved in the Downloads folder. This folder is usually located on the drive where Windows is installed (for example, C:\users\your name\downloads).

  2. Sweeeeeeetea says

    Just Asking, Is there anyway i can change Winrar Archives to Package files. It seems to not work and im not sure what to do. Usually happens from sites like Mod The Sims.
    (Coming from a first time CC Downloader!!!)

  3. Aida Alexovova says

    Hello. I have big issues with Vintage Simy downloads. Not on their page but on yours. When i click on the download/more/any button basically I appear to see “error page not found” and i can`t get vintage sims downloads anywhere else. They are so gorgeous but unfortunately it does`t work.. :(

  4. Mane says

    Muchísimas gracias por publicar mis creaciones de “El Taller de Mane”
    Es un gran trabajo el que hacen en este sitio web.

  5. MsTeaQueen says

    I came here looking for objects to recolor and noticed that you all had featured some of my sets. I just want to Thank You! Sites like yours are not only needed but also appreciated.

    Thank You!

  6. Helga says

    Hi, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the work and effort you guys put into this website. Without your help I’d be missing out on some of the most fantastic stuff that I’ve seen. So thanks heaps, I’m hugely grateful.

  7. stephanie says

    Hello, I like a lot of things on your website but how do I download anything without it going to another window or site? is it possible for it to be downloaded and instantly added or way to add whatever is downloaded to my library?

    • Admin says

      We showcase everyday Sims 4 custom content from various sites/blogs but we don’t host any CC here, you must go to download on artists sites.

    • I'Teisha says

      I dont know if this is still an issue that you are still having but if you right click on the download button it should say open in new tab

      • Admin says

        I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean…. All the download links are opened in a new tab by default.

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