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  1. Nicole(Cedric13) says


    Merci de présenter mes sims c’est très gentil à vous
    Il s’est glissé une petite erreur dans le nom de mon blog ce n’est pas l’Universims
    mais mon blog c’est l’Univers de Nicole

    (Traducteur avec Bing)


    Thanks to my sims that’s very kind of you
    he slipped a small mistake in the name of my blog I’m not the Universims but my blog
    It’s the universe of Nicole
    Very friendly

  2. King says

    Sorry to message again. I just found out that my tumblr was reactivated thankfully so is still up and theres no need to change anything however, is a second site for brand new items (just in case tumblr starts acting up) So I will be posting new things here

    • Admin says

      I really hope that you’ll not delete your Tumblr blog for the second time because I’ll not post your content again and the broken links will be deleted.

  3. King says

    hello I just wanted to inform you that my page was deleted unfortunately from tumblr which is but I am currently creating a brand new page and really need the promotion help getting a few of my followers back. there are 7 new downloads as well under the all cc tab at thank you so much

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