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Carl’s Sims 4 Guide – Guides : New Sims 4 Guides
The following Guides are available, with the newest first:
Caring for Sims: Needs, Gameplay Concepts, and Life Length
Moving Sims in The Sims 4
Collections in Sims 4
The Sims 4 Reward Store Traits & Mechanics Guide
Outdoor Retreat Game Pack Additions and Screenshots
Outdoor Enthusiast Aspiration
Insect Collection (Outdoor Retreat)
Herbalism Skill (Outdoor Retreat)
Finding the Hermit (Outdoor Retreat)
Bestselling Author
Space Prints
Frogs & Frog Breeding
Athlete Career
Business Career
Master Mixologist
Friend of the World
Renaissance Sim
Career Tips: Job Performance
Game Controls (Hotkeys)
Romance & Finding Love
Satisfaction, Whims, and Aspiration Juggling
Relationships: Making Friends
Mischief and Voodoo
Cooking & Gourmet Cooking
Joke Star & the Hilarious Reward Trait
Master Chef & the Fresh Chef Reward Trait
Ambrosia – Immortality & Bringing Back the Dead
Video Gaming
Emotions & Skills – Boosting and Effective Levels
Children – School, Child Skills and Aspirations.
Emotions Guide – Updated – features negative Emotions and individual Emotion pages.
Secret Agent Career
Writer Career
Gardening – Updated heavily
Writing Skill
Trait Info
Tech Guru Career – Entrepreneur and eSport Gamer Branches
Programming Skill
Comedy Skill
Culinary Career – Chef and Mixologist Branches
Criminal Career – Oracle and Boss Branches
Entertainer Career – Musician and Comedian
Guitar – Tips and Licensed Songs
Skills List and Ideal Emotions
Babies and Getting Pregnant
List of all Skills
Fishing & Fish List with the Best Fishing Spots
Handiness and Woodworking
Aspirations and Reward Traits Guide
Fitness Skill
Hidden Areas in Sims 4 – Forgotten Grotto and Sylvan Glade
Astronaut Career
Rocket Science
Painter Career
Sims 4 Careers
Sims 4 Cheats

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