FORTUNA Makeup Kit at Praline Sims

FORTUNA Makeup Kit at Praline Sims image 2962 670x670 Sims 4 UpdatesFORTUNA Makeup Kit at Praline Sims image 2972 670x670 Sims 4 Updates

Praline Sims – Make Up, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Lips: FORTUNA Makeup Kit.

It contains everything for an expressive eye makeup + 2 subtle lipsticks as a bonus~ All items come in a huge variety of colors, with colorful and soft options alike.

FOCUS Lashes N03 – Makeup eye lashes (not 3D) // For upper, under or both lash lines, each in 5 versions (15 versions all over). Can be layered with all eye makeup. Under skin detail category.

ORACLE Eyeshadow N92 – Smoky shaded cut crease eyeshadow, 40 color versions.

DIA Eyeliner N118 – Long & thick eyeliner with bright under eyeshadow. Comes in versions as only upper or only under eyeliner too. 20 colors for each colorful version, 5 colors for upper eyeliner. (45 versions all over)

ASTEROID Eyes N175 – Dynamic sparkly eyes, comes in 40 color options. Under facepaint category.

ÉTOILE “Tattoo” Glitter N12 – Inner eye corner glitter, comes in 15 color options. Reflects ingame depending on the light, due to the specular map. Can be layered with all eye makeup. Under tattoos category.

ARCANA Lip N227 – Matte & natural lipstick, comes in 45 colors.

CONSTELLATION Lip N226 – Natural & glossy lipstick, comes in 40 colors.

All makeup items work for female + male sims, teen-elder. HQ compatible, pics also taken with it.

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