If you like rooting around in other Sims’ mouths, we have the perfect job for you. Become a Dental Expert, and learn to scale, polish (and occasionally yank out) your patients’ teeth! There are 10 levels, as follows:

Dental Receptionist
Does the idea of cleaning other people’s teeth make you want to run for the hills? If you’d rather not poke and prod in other people’s mouths just yet, you can start as a Dental Receptionist, booking appointments and receiving clients.

Dental Assistant
Now you’re a Dental Assistant, you will take the patients’ medical history, teach them about oral hygiene, sterilize instruments, and perform office management tasks. You may also help the Dentist during surgical procedures.

Dental Lab Technician
The dental field really fascinates you, and you’ve been selected to be a Dental Lab Technician. You are now part of the behind-the-scenes crew and are in charge of manufacturing crowns and other prostheses by using x-rays and molds.

Oral Health Professional
Congrats on your promotion to Oral Health Professional! You will be working with various companies or organizations creating ideas to promote oral health across the community. Working in corporate areas, you might collaborate with marketing teams to promote healthy oral practices, or you may work with corporate employees on various areas of health, teaching them proper techniques for ensuring optimum oral health!

Community Dentist
Now you’re a Community Dentist, you’ll after those who, because of special care needs, are unable to attend their family dentist. You’ll be visiting care homes, private homes and hospitals, too!

As an Orthodontist, you’ll who specialize in correcting crooked teeth, misaligned jaws and related problems such as overbites! You’ll soon have little Alexander Goth smiling again. His parents may be a lost cause, however…

Private Practice Dentist
You’ve decided to join a Private Practice. The lure of those sweet simoleons was just too much. You’ll need to develop strong relationships with patients and staff. YOU have the power to get patients out of pain or bring their smiles back to life!

Dental Hygienist
Your work as a Dental Hygienist will save teeth by preventing and treating gum disease, helping Sims get rid of associated problems like bad breath.

Dental Partner
You’ve made Partner at your practice and now work alongside another General Dentist (DDS). Yup, you get letters after your name now! We think it stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery, but it could be anything, really!

Dental Practice Owner
The money you were earning afforded you the luxury of buying out your partner. Now the practice belongs to you, and you alone. Rule on high from your spinny chair, go forth and drill. If only for the love of drilling!

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