There are 4 levels to begin with, after which you can choose your branch, and then there are a further 5 levels per branch as follows:

Jewelry – If you have an eye for detail, and a love for design, the jewelry career could be perfect for you! Specialise in Retail or Manufacture, and work in Auction Houses, Boutiques and even Research Labs, where you’ll learn about and discover new gemstones! Begin working at the Mall and climb the ladder to the top!

Jewelry Kiosk Attendant
You’ve a love for jewelry, but at the same time you’re happy to work by yourself at the local Mall, running a kiosk selling fashion jewelry and watches.

Jewelry Store Associate
Congratulations! You’ve just started your new job at the jewelry store and can help customers create their happiest moments! “Every Kiss Begins With…” You know the jingle.

Jewelry Boutique Associate
You’re now working at a fancy boutique in uptown, and you may see a few celebs come through those double doors you just polished!

Fine Jewelry Specialist
As a Fine Jewelry Specialist, you’ll be working in intimate stores, selling high end gems, watches and antiques!

Retail (Branch 1)
Under the Retail Branch of the Jewelry Career, you’ll specialise in the sale of diamonds, watches and fine pieces to the public.

Jewelry TV Channel Presenter
Apparently, to be a good TV Presenter, you have to be able to talk about a pencil for 45 minutes, so Charisma is definitely going to be required here!

As an appraiser, you’ll be evaluating gemstones, antique and contemporary jewelry and fine watches, and determining their valuation.

Jewelry Auctioneer
Oversee the buying and selling of privately owned, and sometimes OOAK jewelry in the Auction House.

As a Wholesaler, you’ll be responsible for importing and selling diamonds, cultured pearls and watches from all over the world!

Jewelry Store Owner
Now you own your own jewelry store, and whether you choose to specialise in fashion, antique, fine jewelry, or your own designs is up to you!

Manufacture (Branch 2)
Under the Manufacture Branch of the Jewelry Career, you’ll specialise in the investigation, monitoring and creating of gems and trinkets.

Jewelry Buyer
As a Buyer, you’ll be working directly with manufacturers, and monitoring consumer trends and the jewelry industry.

Jewelry Designer
Unleash your creativity as a Jewelry Designer and transform your inspirations into beautiful products.

Jewelry Manufacturer
As a Manufacturer, you’ll be transforming designs into jewelry that can be produced and sold on a mass scale.

Bench Jeweler
As a Bench Jeweler, you’ll be creating and repairing fine jewelry using craftsmanship skills and expert techniques.

Jewelry Research Professional
As a Research Professional, you’ll be working in the Lab and on the field, investigating new gem finds, treatment processes and detection methods.

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