This is a reproduction of the TS3 career track perfect for anyone wanting a slightly different career for their medically-inclined Sims, or for those who don’t have Get to Work. Please note this is a rabbithole career.
There are 10 levels as follows:

Organ Donor
In a profession where the patient always comes first, the Organ Donor is the epitome of that philosophy. Donating with a smile will go a long way towards getting you on the other side of the scalpel, so try to make the best of this dicey situation.
Bed Pan Cleaner
A hospital full of patients leads to stacks of bed pans that need to be cleaned. The only thing worse than smelling bed pans is cleaning them, but that’s no reason to slack. Remember, it’s all for the patients!
Finally, some hands-on medical care! Paramedics are the first on the scene to provide emergency care, so it’s important for you to touch up on Logical reasoning so that the split-second decisions you make are the correct ones!
Medical Intern
Doctor or not, there’s a long way to go before you will earn the respect of peers and the right to use a scalpel on patients. Pay attention to the other doctors and study the latest medical journals, or else it’s back to the bed pans for you.
At times it felt like the drudgery of being an intern would never end, but the title of Resident proves your medical acumen and dedication to saving lives were appreciated all along. The days of specialized medicine aren’t too far ahead, so enjoy general practice while it lasts.
Trauma Surgeon
Patients who’ve suffered grievous injury come to Trauma Surgeons to save their lives in the Emergency Room. Seconds count, and the entire responsibility for failure rests on your hopefully able shoulders. Thankfully, the entire hospital is here to wipe your brow when needed… just not be everyone at once.
Gene Therapist
There are Sims with good genes, bad genes, and in rare cases, none at all, which is where the Gene Therapist steps in. Gradually, through good beside manner and therapeutic measures, the patient will have the best genes Simoleons can buy. The stakes have been upped now that the genes are out of the bottle.
Infectious Disease Researcher
You’re an Infectious Disease Researcher, a front-line soldier in the fight against strange diseases without obvious cures. With entire populations in danger of Strangetown Syndrome, there’s no time to waste. Take care, Doctor, as you step into harm’s way.
Because only 10% of the brain is utilized, or so the myth says, everyone severely hopes the Neurosurgeon delicately dabbles around this important region of the body. One misstep and the hospital incurs huge losses, namely… your employment.
World Renowned Surgeon
There’s no such thing as an incurable disease or fatal ailment with a World Renowned Surgeon in the room. There’s no surgery too intense or bill to small for you, because you’re simply the best the world has to offer.

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