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There are 10 levels available:

Trainee Paranormal Investigator
At this level, don’t be surprised if other sims don’t take your “profession” seriously. Ghost Hunting is a strict discipline that blurs the line between science and sci-fi. Good work and professionalism will go a long way towards building respect for your expertise.

Paranormal Investigator
When it comes to dealing with all things supernatural, there is a fine line between the scams of amateurs and scientifically educated hunters of the undead. You’ve just taken a step in the right direction.

Lead Paranormal Investigator
Late night creaking in the attic, clattering pots and pans, and whistling winds have been setting members of the community on edge. Can you dispense of the supernatural specters causing this raucousness, or at least convince people the noises are all in their heads?

Paranormal Case Manager
Townspeople have been clamoring to hear your name howling in the wind late at night. It seems the apparitions that trouble this town have been taking notice of your work! Whether they’re beginning to fear your spirit busting abilities (or perhaps luring you into a trap) is unknown, you must continue your work regardless. The people of town need you!

Paranormal Equipment Manager
Spirit Detection Technology has come a long way in the last few years and as an official Paranormal Equipment Manager, you’ve been certified to use a Spook-O-Meter. With this new tool, unruly spirits and ghosts don’t stand a chance at hiding from you. Whip it out when you mean business.

Paranormal Researcher
Thanks to the professional paranormal services you’ve delivered to this town, members of the community now look to you with respect rather than chuckles and laughter. Your work is even starting to turn some of the staunchest sceptics of ethereal deliverance! Go forth and keep up the good work, Paranormal Researcher.

There are certain types of apparitions out there that manifest their grudges in entirely wicked forms. These types of ghosts will stop at nothing to prevent you from banishing their souls to the great beyond. As a Psychic, you must stop at nothing to search out these ghastly ghouls and put them away for life – the afterlife that is.

Despite your fancy tools and modern day ghost hunting gadgets, you only need your voice and charm to convince a lost soul to enter the ether. Your classic technique and smooth operating almost guarantee your customers a clean paranormal removal. Now you’re a Demonologist, you’ll be dealing with possible demonic hauntings.

At this level, there are a few (living) Sims that know as much about the craft and finesse of hunting ghosts as you. Your sharp mind, unwavering soul, and attention to detail have made you the one to call when it comes to an undead experience. You’re poised to become the world’s pre-eminent Paranormal Expert.

Paranormal Expert
You are the purveyor of poltergeist, the banisher of banshees, the eradicator of evil! Not only have you vanquished some of the most terrifying specters out there, but you’ve also freed troubled souls from eternal suffering (both dead and alive) many times over. You are a true hero.

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