MissyHissy’s Pharmacist Career converted to The Sims 4! There are 10 levels available:

1. Cleaner
Well, it’s certainly a start. You sweep the floors after closing time and you sometimes even stock the shelves. You probably don’t feel very important right now, but your job will allow you to study the different medicines and start your learning process.

2. Cashier
It’s a step up from cleaning floors and at least you’re working decent hours and seeing people. All you’re doing is taking the money but without you, nobody would be able to buy their products and the business would go out of business. You can still study the medicines and start building on the knowledge you’ve gained.

3. Lab Technician
Behind the scenes, the drugs are created and safely prepared for use. You’re not involved in any of this, all you do is make sure the equipment is up and running and production is moving smoothly but it’s a start and you’re starting to feel really involved. Your basic understanding of different medicines is paying off!

4. Pharmacy Advisor
You spend your time studying the new drugs in production and during your work hours, you advise the nurses and doctors at the hospital of new drugs available for use and drugs in production. You also have access to the drug information libraries to build on your knowledge of useful drugs.

5. Assistant Manager
You’ve been put in charge of taking care of the employees in your branch and making sure their morale is kept up. You also make new orders of drugs and you’re in charge of taking the deliveries and giving them to the cleaners to stock the shelves. You’re starting to feel important and as long as you keep your knowledge up-to-date, you’ll reach the top in no time.

6. Store Manager
Your job isn’t much different from the Assistant Manager, except you give all the orders and your assistant carries them out. You oversee the orders and deliveries and make sure your assistant doesn’t screw it up. In fact, you generally make sure your assistant doesn’t screw up. Well, maybe your job is quite different then!

7. Researcher
You’ve been given the opportunity to research the effects of different medicines on people and see if you can perfect the dodgy ones that are not currently available for use. At the same time, you’re looking into the possibilities of new drugs and keeping your knowledge up-to-date and fresh.

8. District Manager
It’s up to you to make sure the pharmacies in your district are running smoothly with happy employees, regular deliveries and well-stocked shelves. You can deal effortlessly with complaints and are kept regularly informed of new developments in the drug industry.

9. Pharmacy Professor
The local university has employed you to educate their students about the world of a pharmacist. Using the knowledge you’ve gathered over the years, you can educate these young people about how the drugs are produced, side effects to watch out for and how drugs have evolved over the years.

10. Pharmacy Administrator
The government has employed you to become the administrator for the pharmacy department. All developments in drug production are reported directly to you and you have records of every drug ever created and the side effects. The wellbeing of the people rests in your hands. Well, not entirely in your hands, but close enough. All those years studying drugs and their use has paid off and you feel very important. Well done!

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