1. cami says

    I love your cars, they give meaning to my game!!!

    I know you get many requests, but I would appreciate for Lamborghini Urus, please :)

  2. Maibe says

    Hey Lory, I love all of your creations it’d be amazing if you were to make a Jeep Wrangler: Sahara and Rubicon 2017. I know you get many requests but having a jeep in the game would be awesome! It’s my dream car.

  3. SIMS4LOVER says

    Hey LORYSIMS we love your cars, thank you for the Bentley Continental Speed!! A CADILLAC ESCALADE and MERCEDES G WAGON would complete the car list!! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR CREATIONS!!

  4. Supercars are life. says

    You are a legend for creating all these cars for the sims 4!! But I have one big problem.. I downloaded a couple of cars and when I want to place them in game, It says something like ”script call failed” :(. Can you please fix this if possible?!

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