1. candesco says

    From the big sites this one is the better one. Far more trustworthy then TSR and 100% free. No subscriptions, no shitload of advertising, no adfly links, no patreon stuff, no broken cc and no trackers added to cc. Next to that this is your stop if you want to learn about using cc or even making it and the place where you can find scriptmods and other extended modifications. Community is nice and expertised, which i can’t say from tsr. If you ever run into problems with custom content, go look on MTS.

  2. Miranda says

    I keep trying to download this but the website won’t let me! It says that I have been denied access because I am not logged in, and then when I created an account, it continued to say that I am not logged in. This is so frustrating!

  3. Megan Kruger says

    I keep struggeling with mods and I don’t know how 2 get them will someone please help me!!! BTW lov the hair and makeup though

  4. poohbear7882 says

    One of my favorite Sims download sites since the beginning! MTS is one of the nicer communities out there.

  5. TwistedMemories says

    I had downloaded this but it didnt work or show up in buy mode unfortunatly. Idk if its from the new update or not or im missing something since it was a package file.

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