1. Stacey Day says

    Tanitas, your work is so beautiful. After this latest update (Nov. 2018), my game was very “glitchy”. Is this because some of the content might need to be updated? I’ve had to delete a lot of content, and it’s just not the same. One day, when, you get the time, could you please update some of your houses? I would love you forever!!

  2. Maria says

    Dear Tanita, I am extremely happy with your work. I’ve seen a lot of great work on The Sims 4 and The Sims 2, but you’re the best, phenomenal! I have downloaded your other houses, they are beautiful, with a sense of detail and functionality. You have no competition, I am delighted, I love you for giving your wonderful work for free! I do not know how much more to thank you. Fantastic, fantastic, amazing !!! Let everything you want to fill in.

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