1. The Regulator says

    You do not have the Custom Content / Mods used for the hair, eyes, makeup. clothes, etc. that’s why you’re getting that notification. You only get the base SIM body if these CCs aren’t in your EA Mods folder.

  2. Edward says

    I have installed all content from The Sims 4: Middle Easterners & South Asians, why when I choose to create household with some or them I got this message “One or more Create a Sim items have been removed. The items may not be installed on your computer of the EA Account that is currently logged in does not own these items.” When I use another Sims from another pages everything work. But those are appears Nacked without hair, without clothes, accessories etc. etc. I have cracked full version with all packages and stuffs. I do not use Origin and EA account. I am playing offline. Any tips? I really like to have those creations Middle Easterners & South Asians,

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