1. Matt says

    The money you give at TSR is needed to keep the site running. It is not meant to pay for CC. So it is EA’s ToS compliant. I agree though there have been times when this was not true.

  2. Citysim says

    Actually, turning off ad-block makes little difference, sure it says 10 seconds, but first you got to wait for all the ads to download before the timer starts so add about 30-40 seconds, it’s about the same both ways

  3. Molly says

    I absolutely despise the absurd amount of ads on TSR. I dread going to that site, even if it is for a great Sims cc find.

    • Maddy says

      if you just pay 3 a month you dont get ads and there is no loading…. it takes less then 1 second to download.. it 100% worth it. if you paid for it you’d understand.

      • kay says

        again if you pay for subscription you dont get ads at all and no waiting times for downloads.TSR is a trusted site and i have been using it for years never a problem. and ad filled website is how they keep things free its only like £3.00 for 3 months subscription its 100% worth every penny.

  4. Lori says

    I am glad that the TSR offers everything for free, and will put up with the ads to keep it that way.. I like that they are legitimate advertisers so I do trust them and have removed ad blocker from that site.

  5. poohbear7882 says

    I second Marko’s comment. TSR is ridiculous with the amount of ads displayed per page. On top of that, the extra wait time if you run Ad Block software…I run Ad Block; I’ll disable it on sites that I trust…unfortunately TSR isn’t one of those sites.

    • candesco says

      I can recommend ublock origin. Use that one with either firefox or vivaldi.
      I use adblock on tsr as well and you don’t have to wait that long. 10 seconds at least.

      • Corinne Bell says

        There’s a difference between adds that support a site and adds that nearly render a site completely unusable. TSR is the latter.

      • candesco says

        asking mony for custom content is against the ToS of EA, Chugger. So it has to be free, 100%. No adfly (or any other referral system), no patreon, no site full of ads and certainly no subsciptions; So TSR is the greedy one and that since they exist. Yep, it was even more awfull earlier on, especially during the days of TS2 and TS3. You see, TSR was first a fully paid site. Only a few items were released for free, for the rest you had to pay. Now since TS4 came they switched to ads and subsciption.

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