1. Citysim says

    Actually, turning off ad-block makes little difference, sure it says 10 seconds, but first you got to wait for all the ads to download before the timer starts so add about 30-40 seconds, it’s about the same both ways

  2. Molly says

    I absolutely despise the absurd amount of ads on TSR. I dread going to that site, even if it is for a great Sims cc find.

  3. Lori says

    I am glad that the TSR offers everything for free, and will put up with the ads to keep it that way.. I like that they are legitimate advertisers so I do trust them and have removed ad blocker from that site.

  4. poohbear7882 says

    I second Marko’s comment. TSR is ridiculous with the amount of ads displayed per page. On top of that, the extra wait time if you run Ad Block software…I run Ad Block; I’ll disable it on sites that I trust…unfortunately TSR isn’t one of those sites.

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